Launching Event

“Perjuangan memproduksi mobil selama 9 bulan, demi cita-cita besar bersama untuk negeri.
 Kita pasti bisa menang, karena saya memiliki tim terbaik di dunia.”
 -Aufar Nugraha-

Hello! On September 14th, we held a big event for us. That’s the Grand Launching of our Solar EV, Widya Wahana V. It took place at the forecourt of ITS Goverment Centre (Rectorate). We brought our car there and we demonstrated it to public.
We tested our car in the front yard of Rectorate Building. There’s still many things that have to be repaired, so we’ll go back to work and try to make it better than before.
Here’s some photograph taken on the event. Dont forget to support us for World Solar Challenge 2015 guys, see you on Australia Widya Wahana V!

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