Our next project : Tour de Java-Bali (held on May 2015) A trip of Widya Wahana V (WWV) from Jakarta to Denpasar, Bali. Tour de Java-Bali aims to testing the peformance of Widya Wahana V before compete on World Solar Challenge 2015



On October 20th 2014   Many lessons and evaluations received by team. Either of specifications of the car and internal teams. From IEMC 2014 we receive a big lesson, “In making a good car we need careful planning and detail preparation, and high discipline of the team . In addition, when we faced with a […]

IEMC 2014 0

Held on October 16-19th 2014   IEMC held for four days, on October 16 to 19, 2014. In this third year IEMC followed by 73 teams from various universities in Indonesia. Automation racing team 1 competed using ototricity car. Many of the obstacles faced by team during the race, starting from the steering, the motor, […]



ROAD to IEMC 2014 0

Firstly on Design Division, the team has already made a very nice and aerodynamic design for the car, wherein the car given a water droplets impression. For the best result, we choose this type design for the body because its have a very small drag force. We make the car as low as possible for […]

TNX-1 Trials 0

On October 12th 2014   Motor TNX-1 has been spinning with rotation of 10,000 rpm! The result of research motor by Agus Nurtriartono, (one of the members of ITS Solar Car Racing Team 1st generation) was designed and created to replace foreign motor, which has been in use on the vehicle, research results of ITS […]